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Travel Guide: Pagudpud

Saud Beach Pagudpud Ilocos Norte
A bright morning in front of Saud Beach Resort.

Why Go

The beaches! Pagudpud's a sleepy coastal resort town at the tip of the Northern Ilocos region of the Philippines. No need to call it the Boracay of the North - Pagudpud is something very good all on its own. Really fine beaches, spectacular waterfalls, panoramic scenes and beautiful coastal drives give you a feeling of new discoveries and trails. You won't find the glittering nightlife here, if that's what you're looking for. Pagudpud is laid-back. Best time to visit is anytime between November to April. That covers summer in the Philippines and its drier cold season, outside of the wet rainy months.The two main beaches are the Blue Lagoon (otherwise also called Maira-ira), located on the eastern side of Pagudpud, and the other one is the arguably more popular Saud Beach which is on the western side. If you've got several days, spend half at the Blue Lagoon and the remaining half at Saud Beach.

Where to Stay in Pagudpud

Brgy Balaoi, Blue Lagoon (Maira-ira)
North to South
Casa Consuelo and Kapuluan Vista are near the Dos Hermanos islands. Their locations are quieter and less populated by locals and travellers alike. Punta Azul, Agua Seda and Hannah's are near the Blue Lagoon itself. Casa Consuelo is right on the beach. The rest of the resorts are separated from the beach by the barangay road. Kapuluan Vista offers surfing lessons during the surf season.
Resort Name Website Contact Numbers Email Indicative Rates
A/C, Twin-Share
Peak Season
Casa Consuelo Cell: +63.918.9905385 Php 2800.00
Kapuluan Vista Resort
Cell: +63.920.9522528
Tel: +63.2.6976597
Tel: +63.77.6760073 Php 2700.00
Punta Azul Beach Resort Cell: +63.927.3231981
Cell: +63.928.4822643
Cell: +63.927.2247825
Cell: +63.905.2662327
Php 3200.00
Agua Seda Cell: +63.920.9699166 Php 2500.00
Hannah's Beach Resort Cell: +63.928.5206255 Php 3500.00
Barangay Saud, Saud Beach
North to South
The resorts below marked with asterisks are clustered at Burayoc Point, which is the southern terminus of Saud Beach. Burayoc Point is a rocky outcrop, so they don't have a sandy beachfront, but their restaurants, specially Emohrou's at Evangeline's, provide a romantic seaview dining ambiance -  more so during sunset. Saud Beach Resort, which has the best beachfront in our opinion, is just a few steps away for those wanting to take a dip. Terra Rika runs a dive shop for those looking to explore under water. Tartaruga's is inland, but the beach is just a short walk away via the municipal beach entrance. 
Resort Name Website Contact Numbers Email Indicative Rates
A/C, Twin-Share
Peak Season
Saud Beach Resort and Hotel Cell: +63.917.5195495
Cell: +63.918.5533073
Tel: +63.2.9212856
Tel: +63.2.9289853 Php 3619.00
Villa Del Mar Cell: +63.915.2674100
Cell: +63.919.8995673
Php 1890.00
Arinaya White Beach Resort Cell: +63.921.9728672
Cell: +63.916.3931082 Php 1700.00
*Apo Idon Beach Hotel Cell: +63.917.5100671
Cell: +63.918.9334464
Tel: +63.77.6760438
Tel: +63.77.6760325 Php 4800.00
*Rinovatti Cell: +63.927.8904292
Cell: +63.927.6137466
Cell: +63.912.5164798 Php 1800.00
*Terra Rika Dive and Beach Resort Tel: +63.77.6761559
Tel: +63.77.6761790
Cell: +63.918.9371752
Cell: +63.920.2558377

+63.917.5540005 Php 3850.00
*Evangeline's Beach Resort Tel: +63.77.6555862
Cell: +63.908.8637564
Cell: +63.927.4116284
Cell: +63.923.2057445 Php 2600.00
*Keahana Resort Cell: +63.918.4902713 Php 3500.00
*Jun and Carol Beach Cottages Cell: +63.917.5471270
Cell: +63.919.6405630
Cell: +63.920.5740136
Cell: +63.917.5486331
Cell: +63.921.4847746
Tel: +63.77.6760183 Php 2500.00
Tartaruga's Cell: +63.947.5429521 Php 2900.00
Barangay Caparispisan
North to South
Barangay Caparispisan is about 7 kilometers north of Saud Beach. Our impression is that it's not yet that large a blip on the general tourist radar, however you'll bump into intrepid local and foreign backpackers now and then. The way there after Saud Beach segues into a dirt road all the way, giving you that away-from-it-all feeling. Kingfisher caters mostly to the kitesurfing crowd. They provide kite rentals and kitesurfing lessons. Villa del Nico looks like it was originally a private beachfront vacation house. They rent out a catamaran and provide sailing instruction too.
Resort Name Website Contact Numbers Email Indicative Rates
A/C, Twin-Share
Peak Season
Kingfisher Cell: +63.927.5258111 Php 3500.00
Natsuca Beach Resort Cell: +63.999.9991965
Cell: +63.915.9052715
Php 2500.00
Villa del Nico Cell: +63.947.2337623 Php 1650.00
Barangay Pancian
Pancian is east of the Blue Lagoon, towards Cagayan Province, past the Patapat Viaduct and near the junction road going to the mountain town of Adams. The Panziann resort is nestled between the sea and the mountainside.
Resort Name Website Contact Numbers Email Indicative Rates
A/C, Twin-Share
Peak Season
Panziann Tel: +63.2.6469020
Cell: +63.920.9520662
Fax: +63.2.6827844 Php 2200.00
The list of resorts above is not exhaustive, and as stated the rates are indicative only for air-conditioned, twin-sharing rooms during the peak season. Contact the resorts directly for room availability, actual prices and reservations. For any updates, sharing them through the comments section below would be greatly appreciated. Below is a rough separation of the seasons:

Non-Peak Season - June - November
Peak Season - December - May
Super Peak - Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Holy Week (prices spike during these days)
If somehow you're unable to get a room from any of the resorts above or would like to spend as less as possible on accommodations specially if you plan on being outdoors most of the time, try bunking at homestays - these are townsfolk who free up their guestrooms or their own rooms for visitors at rates significantly lower than resort rates and you get home-cooked local cuisine and a less touristy and immersive experience with the amiable residents of Pagudpud. Homestays though are generally not beachfront in Saud Beach, but a handful in the Blue Lagoon area are beachfront. Below's a small sampling of homestays in Pagudpud. If all are full, just ask any local, specially tricycle drivers, and they'll point you to a house where you can get a roof over your head. Wally's World below offers surfing lessons when the waves are right.

Saud Beach Homestays

Pearl's Transient Homestay
Tel: +63.77.7131218
Cell: +63.917.8073713

Cathy's Homestay
Cell: +63.919.5716680

Curammeng Homestay
Cell: +63.920.4557633

Garrison Homestay
Tel: +63.77.6769839
Cell: +63.949.1798952

Hannah Lou Homestay
Cell: +63.921.3104826

Rafols Homestay
Cell: +63.919.8627731
Cell: +63.921.2557237

Arlyn's Homestay
Cell: +63.918.5698886

Ubasa Homestay
Cell: +63.920.2646400
Cell: +63.906.6121374

Marilyn's Homestay
Cell: +63.918.6870808

Tita Nora's Homestay
Cell: +63.918.7126789
Cell: +63.930.1370750

Maira-ira Homestays

Wally's World Surf Homestay
Cell: +63.938.6159568

Arnold's Blue Lagoon Homestay
Cell: +63.928.6099699

Burayoc Point Saud Beach Pagudpud Ilocos Norte
Sunset revelers at Burayoc Point, Saud Beach. During the day you'll see the Bangui Windmills on the horizon.

Where & What to Eat

Try scoring longganisa (pork sausage), Ilocos empanada (stuffed pie) and Bagnet (deep fried pork). Visit the local market or ask a tricyle driver for the inside scoop. Pick from a fisherman's early morning catch and have your resort's kitchen cook them. Try the Gamet omelet at Casa Consuelo. Most resorts in Pagudpud offer standard Filipino and western/continental fare. Visit Tartaruga's or Bergblick's if you're looking for something fancier.

Getting There

If you're bringing your own ride and have days to spare, leave Manila early in the morning so that you're on provincial roads by daybreak. The route is coastal, enjoy the view and pull up at whatever tickles your fancy.

Getting There By Bus

Going from Manila to Pagudpud takes 10-12 hours by bus. Bus companies Partas and FariƱas only go up as far as Laoag City. From Laoag City, you need to take another 2-hour bus or jeepney ride to Pagudpud. But Florida Bus has daily trips to Cagayan, which passes through Pagudpud, so riding them saves you a trip. Tell the bus driver to drop you off at the Pagudpud junction if you want to go to Saud Beach or at the Barangay Balaoi junction if you want to go to Blue Lagoon. From either junction, take a tricycle ride to your resort. Call the bus companies below for fares, schedules and reservations.

Brgy. West Kamias, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone: +63.2.352-5393

Lacson Ave. Cor. Earnshaw St., Manila, Metro Manila
Phone: +63.2.743-3809
Phone: +63.2.912-5354
Phone: +63.2.781-5894

816 Aurora Boulevard corner P. Bernardo St., Cubao, Quezon City
Phone: +63.2.725-7303
Phone: +63.2.724-9820
Phone: +63.2.725 1740
Phone: +63.2.725-1256
Phone: +63.2.727-8278

Getting There By Plane

If you want to spend as little time traveling as you can, then just hop on a plane in Manila (or Clark) bound for Laoag City. Travel time is approximately an hour. From Laoag, there are local jeepneys serving the Laoag-Pagudpud route or you can take the buses bound to Cagayan that pass through Pagudpud. These airlines have daily flights from Manila to Laoag:

Cebu Pacific
Philippine Airlines

Things to See - Things to Do
Bum around Saud Beach
Bum around Blue Lagoon Beach (Maira-ira)
Bum around Caparispisan Beach
Trek to Kabigan Falls
Walk along the Patapat Viaduct
Explore Bantay Abot Cave
Island-hop to Dos Hermanos
Kayak along the Bolo River
Hike to Nacatnagan Cliff
Picnic at Agua Grande River Park
Stare at Paraiso ni Anton
Hop on Timmantang Rock
Visit Caunayan Landing Site and Memorial
*For Surfing - head to Kapuluan Resort and Wally's World
*For Kitesurfing - head to Kingfisher Resort
*For Diving - head to Terra Rika Resort's dive shop

Things to See - Things to Do Near Pagudpud
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Burgos
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Burgos
Kaangrian Falls, Burgos
Bangui Windmills, Bangui

The tricycle drivers of Pagudpud offer organized tours of attractions north and south of Pagudpud at fixed rates. Something like Php 750.00 pesos for either the Northern or Southern Tour. You get a discount if you opt for both tours. However, the tricycle drivers/operators of Burgos, and possibly Bangui, are in talks with the tricycle drivers/operators of Pagudpud for a more equitable sharing scheme of the organized tour pie, since they argue that the popular itinerary stops of the tour are actually in their municipalities (See Things to See - Things to Do Near Pagudpud, above). So -  expect a tricycle transfer once you cross Pagudpud's boundary and an additional amount to pay.

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